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New Athletic Facility To Open 2020

In April 2017, Campaign 125 was first conceived and it quickly became a highly anticipated renovation that Eastern Christian. The campaign will bring new security updates, classroom renovations, and improved athletic facilities.

The school was forced to come forward with an alternate idea after encountering problems with funding. The new plan would satisfy the needs of students and athletes. The alternate plan included a cut back on the number of lanes on the track as well as the seating capacity. The leaders of the campaign are optimistic that this is the best fit from the school in regards to money as well as fulfilling the desires of various sports teams.

Originally, the campaign was intended to make major improvements to our school campus through security, classrooms, and a new track field. It was clear that the campaign would need immense funding and support from the community. Some donations were significantly more than anticipated with EC’s first ever $1 million donation, where other donations fell short. This lack of funding ultimately led to a reconfiguring of the turf field plan. The first attainability study of the field saw many donors responded positively but; not enough were able to follow through.

The new track and field is a highly anticipated aspect of the campaign. The renovation of the entire upper soccer field, the new track will include facilities such as a new lacrosse and soccer field, jumping pits, a two-lane practice runway, and lighting.

When interviewed, Foundation Executive Director Mr. David Visbeen explained that they did the study and, “...there was a clear consensus that a new track and field are a priority.” The sports teams have seen cancellations due to muddy fields and poor practicing conditions. This new expansion will solve this with a turf field.

Mr. Visbeen also commented, “You have been told to strive for excellence and to do your best and we haven’t provided a place for you to do that athletically before.” This new facility will provide a place for our boy’s lacrosse team to host games at EC for the first time.

The plan for the track has displaced the baseball field prompting the school to make arrangements with North Haledon in order to use the fields at the North Haledon Recreation Center. The new field will be ready for use at the start of the 2020 school year.

Another part of the campaign focused specifically on classroom renovations. The improvements include 44 classrooms with new furniture, 39 painted classrooms, 19 rooms with new lighting and ceilings, 17 whiteboards, 13 technology upgrades, and full air conditioning on all three campuses. These updates are to make a more comfortable and personalized learning environment throughout EC. These improvements have already been implemented on all three campuses at the start of this year.

Security was the third component of Campaign 125 as safety is a top priority. EC was granted a substantial donation of $75,000 from Homeland Security, which allowed for updated safety systems. Having a safe environment is an important part of getting an exceptional education. Visbeen later stated,“It helps us to have a safer and more comfortable learning environment to pursue our mission of education that truly seeks excellence whether that be on the sports field or in the classroom.”


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