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Life As A Pastor Kid

As Richard and his family walk into the church everyone stares at them.They cannot anonymously sit in the back row due to his father's role that day His father is preaching. The first difference between a pastor kid and other christian kids, junior Richard Jones says is that“ All eyes are on you and your family.”

At Eastern Christian, pastor’s kids are all around us. A few of them include: Luke and Ben Parker, Seth Binkele, Richard Jones, Tricia and Chela Owour and Lydia Johnson. Luke likes being a pastor’s kid (PK). He talks strongly about how much faith his parents have for him.

Rob Parker is the pastor of The Plant and the father of Ben and Luke. Both sons both say how if their father was not a pastor, they would not be the same. “Things would just be different,” said Luke.

One thing that the Parker family does after every day is to share “Highs and lows of the day” & “Where did you see Jesus in your day?” Being a PK does not mean that everything is good in life, a lot happens behind the scenes. “When you are a PK a lot of people come and go in your life and you just have to deal with it” says Luke. “Sometimes I would get teased like, ‘Oh yeah you’re a PK” said a pk who wished to stay anonymous. “You can also be called a hypocrite if you do one bad thing” said Luke.

How his family can bring all their troubles to God together with no worries is one memory that sticks out to Luke.

When you are a PK there is always something that you have to do and you have no say. All four PKs interviewed for this story say the same thing when it comes to doing something that they have no say in, and that is going to church every single Sunday. “I always have to go to church and Vacation Bible School”, says Seth. “ No matter if a lot of people go or if a little bit of people go, I still have to go”, says Luke.

One question that all boys were asked was, “ Do you see yourself being a pastor when you grow up?” Ben and Richard both said “ No, never.” Seth says “I don’t know what is in store for me.” and Luke says, “Only God knows... I haven’t thought about it, I want to do something that pleases the Lord. If I am one I won’t be mad, if I'm not I won’t be mad.”


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