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New Year: New Life

As the cold air blows and coats begin to be worn, the 2021-22 EC basketball season is underway, as players are filling into the gym, including all the new freshmen. Freshmen players are getting their first look at the high school court as they will have to adjust to the speed, strength, and style of high school basketball.

Freshman Point Guard, Caleb Chae, was asked about how he thinks he will adjust to the playing style of high school basketball, and he says, “I think that the pace and play style will completely change. This is something I am looking forward to, because the higher the intensity, the more fun.” Although the playstyle is different, Caleb says that he is not nervous at all. Caleb has been playing basketball ever since middle school, and he has been an outstanding guard.

Freshman Guard, Giovanni Indomenico, was asked what his hopes were for the season, and he said, “I hope to grow as a basketball player and win some games. Gain knowledge about basketball.” It’s Gio’s first year, and he is excited to get on the court to hopefully have a winning season. One of Gio’s strong suits is his perimeter defense, which will be exciting to watch this year. Hopefully, Gio plays well.

Freshman forward, Keith Osae-Twum, was asked if he was excited about the upcoming season, he said, “Yeah, of course, I think it will be lots of fun.” Keith is a presence in the paint and will be fun to watch this year. He says he has been playing basketball since middle school and has always loved the game. Although he still has much to learn, he is still a good player.

The Freshmen have helped lead the JV team to a 1-1 start as the season begins to unfold.


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