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One last ride

The start of winter sports signifies that it will be here soon. High expectations exist for the second season of EC lacrosse, after their awe-inspiring season last year. Michael Cook and the rest of the club are gearing up to shine even brighter this spring.

Michael, a senior standout, is prepared as he will ever be for the forthcoming season. Even though he will have to get used to the new turf field, more competitive division, and new players on the squad, they won't let that stop them from putting EC lacrosse on the map.

Michael has been playing lacrosse for 7 years now. When asked about what lacrosse means to him, he says. “It has been such a way to deal with stuff, teaches me about life, discipline, and consistency, and I attribute that to my coaches, some really good coaches that have really taught me a lot of good valuable lessons. It’s such a big part of my life, more than just playing it as a sport. It’s my passion. It's a part of me.” Michael’s passion and ambition for lacrosse are evident. He knows that there are exactly 21 weeks left until the lacrosse season is underway. He is getting himself in the best shape possible so that he can help EC be the best team it can be. Getting in the weight room, becoming faster, and stronger, stretching, and paying attention to his body. This truly shows how much Michael wants to help EC.

Michael Cook is looking forward to the long-awaited turf field. He is beyond excited to be able to play on this huge project for the first time. It’s a big step for lacrosse and all sports at Eastern Christian.

When Michael was asked about what his strengths were he stated, “One of my strengths is, my willingness to do more than others, there are a lot of lax players, and athletes that will just do what they are told or what they are asked. They try their best and stuff like that but what makes me different is however many times I get knocked down or however late in the game it is I go 100%. I don’t let any circumstance get in the way of doing what I love most.”

Before Michael Cook joined EC lacrosse, they had an embarrassing all-time record of 2 wins and 32 losses. The Michael effect is real. Michael helped EC win 15 games these past two years. Last season, he led the Eagles to a 7-0 record in their division.

Due to EC lacrosse’s marvelous season last year, they were put into a new, more competitive league. Michael’s goal for this season is to win this league and to grow in numbers. Because of EC’s recent success, the lacrosse team is gaining more publicity than ever. Michael aspires to make the program bigger for EC. He has no stat goals, as he only looks to enjoy his senior season, and ultimately his last year playing high school lacrosse.



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