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People Who Look Like Animals

Alyssa Baitzel, a sophomore at Eastern Christian High School has recently been said to share qualities with a tarsier lemur, something she’d never thought she’d be compared to. Baitzel says that she doesn’t know much about lemurs, and has often been compared to a snake because of her mellow personality. However, Baitzel’s bright green eyes are what make her tied to the tarsier lemur the most. Baitzel’s eyes are definitely not as big as that of the tarsier lemur, but her eyes are no doubt one of her main attributes, just like the lemur. Baitzel takes being compared to a lemur as a compliment, as long as she’s being compared to cute baby ones. She shared that

“some lemurs look scary, and I don’t want people to think that I look like the creepy ones' '.

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