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Players and fans are deciding what the 2021 JV boys soccer team will bring to the table this year

So far, the team has 5 wins and 4 losses. There are many new players that have joined the team, which is made up of freshmen and sophomores, as well as occasional swing players that come down from varsity.

“My first impression of Our JV boys soccer team is that we can be as good as we want to be. We have a lot of guys with raw talent that I’m looking forward to seeing grow and develop as soccer players,” says Max Harvell, coach of the JV boys soccer team. He goes on to list some of the notable players on this year's team. “Our goalie Caleb Kuperus has really been exciting to watch so far. Lukas Faasse has been a solid captain/leader for us on the field. We have a couple guys that joined the team a bit late that have helped out, and Charlie Veenema has been one of our most improved players from last year's team.”

A few weeks into the season, 3 sophomores decided to join the team. These sophomores are Lucas Genuario, Jaden Ritsma, and Matthew Gupko. Lucas has since proved himself to be one of the team's most valuable players up front with his great speed and aggressive play style. Jaden Ritsma has resorted to defense/midfield, and has also proved to have an aggressive playstyle that assists our team in defense. Jimmy Wiegers said, “I believe that Lucas G., having just begun his soccer journey, has been doing an outstanding job up front.” One of the most notable players on the team is Caleb Kuperus, the new freshman and starting goalie. Jimmy Wiegers said, “I like what I see from our new goalie, Caleb Kuperus, both in his skill and leadership.”

Last year's JV team showed a strong bond between the players. However, with all of the new players that have joined, that bond has not shown yet this year. Lukas Faasse, captain of the JV team, said, “I think last year's team was a bit better because a lot of the team were freshmen and they all knew each other, but this year, it is more split, so it is harder to have a strong connection like we did last year.” Coach Harvell said, “This year we have yet to play at the level we’re capable of, but I think we can be as good as the team last year.” A strong bond is a very important aspect of being on a team. Hopefully the team can build that bond back throughout the season, and they can play at the level that Coach Harvell was expecting.

Jimmy Wiegers, Lukas Faasse, Lucas Genuario, and Coach Harvell all believe that the team can have a good season ahead of them if they try hard enough. “Come out and see us in action. We’re a fun team to watch.” - Coach Harvell .


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