Project Focus is back, and better than ever

Focus: A word that describes integrity, passion, and directivity towards one, specific thing. In this case, that focus is Christ.

SOAR is finally back, and with that, the return of Project Focus. After two difficult and patient years, the individuals who once met to make the school a more unified place are back at work, inspiring the students of EC about the power of God’s love and forgiveness. Joining them are various new students as well.

For the freshman and sophomores this year, Project Focus is a completely foreign concept that was missed two years ago when the program reached its peak. Reminiscing about how successful it was and all the events that took place, senior Luke Parker proclaims, “It was just a wild year and when I look back on it, I can’t comprehend what actually happened because it was so intense." Luke goes on to explain a growth that was spotted not only through individual awakening, but in an overall school revival as well.

Along with various returning members, underclassmen have stepped up to the plate as well this school year. One, being sophomore Grace Sehulster. “I am really looking forward to Project Focus because of the opportunity to practice our faith in our school. It is very unique and important because not only does it root you in Christ, but it helps you get involved with our EC community,” Grace mentions when asked about her hopes for the organization and the effects it will have on the school as a whole. She continues on to say that she is looking forward to seeing a connection develop within this school that has been long lost for a while.

With Grace, Valentina Condegni also joined Project Focus in hopes of a spiritual reset. Condegni expresses, “I’m looking forward to growing closer to God as well and growing closer to the other students in the class." Similar to Grace, Valentina thirsts for a chance to dive deeper into her journey with Christ and rekindle friendships along the way. Not only does Project Focus strive to spark flames filled with the Holy Spirit throughout the EC administration, but it brings us closer as a God-fearing community.

With new souls invested in the effort along with a fresh opportunity after a year and a half full of hardship and doubt, Project Focus sets the building blocks for a school founded in the name of Jesus. The teachers and staff are putting their all into this in desire that the hearts of Eastern Christian High school will be focused where they once were.


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