• Trinity Mickens

Join Our "Quarantication" Contest!

Have you ever wanted to travel the world in one week? Well, now you can! Even though this quarantine has stopped many things, it can't stop our creativity. So this week EC Times would like to present quarantication. Click here to join!

What is quarantication you may be asking? Well, it is a quarantined vacation. This is how it works: first, you have to plan a week of vacation. It can be anywhere you want, maybe even out of this world. Describe what your plans would be, what you would do, and who would you go with. The next step is to turn a place in your home into that vacation place. Be creative and go all out. The last step is to dress up for your vacation and wear what you would wear to any events (keeping in mind EC standards of dress). In this form, please provide your information and attach images or videos of your quarantication. (Either room, outfit, or both.) You can upload up to 5 images. Photo editing is allowed, but not necessary. Winner(s) will be announced Monday, April 27, 2020, on EC Instagram and Entries will be judged based on creativity and fun. Good Luck, and let's go on a quarantication.


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