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Remote to In-School

About 25% of ECHS students chose remote learning before the school year started. While in-school students had the opportunity to switch to remote learning, remote students were not able to switch to in-school learning.

As the second quarter starts, students were given another choice for the type of learning they will be a part of.

Senior Richard Jones and Junior Elizabeth Lopez decided to switch from remote learning to in-school learning. While Richard had basketball season coming up, Elizabeth had headaches from being online for the day. They both missed socializing with their friends.

Some things that were easier during remote learning for each student was “doing work was easier” for Richard and “It was easier for me to get work done because I didn't have the [long] commute” for Elizabeth. Their easier expectations for in-school were “understanding the lesson [and] asking for help” for Elizabeth and “understanding the work and paying attention will also be easier in person” for Richard.

Richard's Remote Setup

Both Elizabeth and Richard experienced similar benefits while they were doing remote learning. They both expect similar benefits for in-school learning as well.

However, with benefits, there are difficulties as well. Richard struggled with focusing while Elizabeth expressed, “sometimes all I can hear is people chatting, especially if it is a loud class it is really annoying and hard to listen to the lesson”. Some issues they expect in-school learning are “wearing a mask all day” from Elizabeth and “seeing friends again will somewhat distract me from work and listening but it’s nothing too serious that I’m worried about” for Richard.

The two students had experienced difficulties in different ways, but going in-school might solve those problems. However, they are aware about possible issues they have to face when they go back to school.

Some things Richard and Elizabeth are looking forward to in-school learning are seeing their friends again and the sense of normalcy before COVID-19 hit, since both students have not been back to school since March, Though what was once normal might not be anymore, being back in-school is getting closer than before.


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