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Sam Faber: Changing His View

Senior Sam Faber will be attending Ramapo College and majoring in nursing. Sam chose “this major because I love serving and caring for other people.”

As a lifer, Sam has made a lot of memories but his “favorite memories at EC were mostly made during soccer and golf seasons, but also the senior picnics were always a great time.”

For Sam, EC has impacted him in a big way as “EC has shown me that I can be confident with my faith and use it to better those around me and to be a blessing to them.” Sam also touches on the fact that his faith has been changed, “I have gained a lot more confidence and now I am not afraid to praise God in front of other people or to open up about my faith.”

Sam feels that he has changed a lot since freshman year, “I became a more loving person and changed my views on people I didn’t get to know yet. I started to broaden my friend group and meet new people.”

Sam is extremely “thankful for everyone I’ve made a relationship with and the friends that have been around me since a young age.” Through the years, Sam has learned a lot but the top thing that he has learned is, “Don’t fall behind on school work.”

As senior year comes to a close, Sam reflects on his legacy jokingly pointing out the fact that the Class of 2020 would be remembered, “As the class that didn’t graduate :)”


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