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Seniors Overcome Restrictions Through New Senior Commons

Although the pandemic has severely limited the school experience, a group of students have come together to make lunches more interesting. A group of seniors started meeting behind the gym and, with some ingenuity, group work, and trash picking, created a unique area dubbed the “Senior Commons.” Below is a timeline that details the journey from its inception to its conclusion.

Early September:

The idea started when one student brought some lawn chairs to sit in during lunches.
The first item added was this couch that was picked up off of the side of the road.
Mr. Phil Verrengia frequently joins the seniors in the Senior Commons.

Early October:

After some time, the seniors added more items as more students came to the back.
*Editor's Note* The two girls who are next to each other are relatives.
New items included a side table, carpets, painting of the Mona Lisa, and a tarp roof.

Late October to Early November:

As students arrived, more items such as couches, a lawn swing, and plastic chairs were added.
For a short period, the Senior Commons was a nice, comfortable spot for the seniors to congregate.
The seniors created various activities including a daily salute to the Mona Lisa painting.


On December 3, 2020, the seniors finally threw out the Senior Commons.
Some seniors, with some help from EC staff, destroyed the furniture and threw it away during lunch.
All that remains of the Senior Commons is a swinging chair and some dirt patches.

Although the Senior Commons is no more, it will always be remembered by those who were a part of it. While the chairs and carpets are gone, the memories will live on as one of the better parts of a quarantined school year.

Done in collaboration with Kelly Steenstra.


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