Son of Mrs. Adin, Gavin Adin Wins the World Classic Powerlifting Championship

Gavin Adin, 2021, World Classic Powerlifting Championship

Mrs. Adin’s son is a world record holder. In Sweden, Gavin Adin won 1st in the World Classic Powerlifting championship for his weight class in bench press and squat. In Adin’s 6 open powerlifting competitions, he has won 1st place 4 times. Adin has also won the best male lifter award. That is a very impressive resume for someone who is only 23 years old.

Waking up early, working out five hours a day, working on a business, and coaching clients. This is the everyday life of the World Classic Powerlifting Champion Gavin Adin, who also happens to have a mom at Eastern Christian. Gavin Adin is a personal trainer, Entrepreneur, YouTuber, author, and professional powerlifter with a new world record for bench press in his age and weight class. Adin is the perfect example of someone who set goals, stayed consistent, and achieved his dream.

To understand more about his journey to the top, it is important to see how he started off. Powerlifting is his career now, but it wasn’t always his main interest. Adin said, “I have always been interested in training and in fitness, and I have been working out since I was about 12. Eventually, I found powerlifting, but I didn’t always care about it the way I do now.” Adin has been training from a very early age and his inspiration for working out was Arnold Schwarzenegger. When asked about his role model and inspiration, Adin replied, “I have to give credit to Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was probably the first icon I looked at when I was younger and I always tried to be like him in the sense of sports, fitness, and legacy; like what he’s done and how he’s impacted, people.” From the start, Adin wanted to be someone who others could look up to and learn from.

There has been a lot of talk about powerlifting, but not everyone knows what the term means or the difference it has with other forms of fitness. According to Gavin Adin, “In fitness, there are a bunch of different aspects...there is CrossFit, bodybuilding, powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, and StrongMan; each sport is differentiated by A: what the actual competition is and B: what the focus is...Powerlifting is about lifting the most amount of weight possible in the squat, the bench, and the deadlift...whereas Olympic weight lifting focuses on the clean and jerk and the snatch.”

Adin started his fitness journey early and the path he chose to take was powerlifting. The reason for his choice in career is as Adin said, “There’s a kid named Russel Orhi who goes by Russwole, he’s got a huge following and he is one of the main people who got me into powerlifting.” He was inspired by Arnold to lift and by Russwole to power lift.

To compete at such a high caliber, Adin has to work very hard every day. When talking about everyday life, Adin said, “I train almost every day for about 4-5 hours a day, and when I’m not training I’m coaching clients, I’m programming, working on my business, or any other projects that I have coming up.” His schedule is packed, but it is necessary for him to be so busy so that he can accomplish his goals.

Adin has competed in multiple open powerlifting championships, but his biggest and most recent one was the World Classic Powerlifting Championship in Sweden. The experience should have been a dream come true, and in some ways it was, but Adin faced many challenges during the championship. When talking about the experience as a whole, Adin replied, “It was a pretty surreal experience, it was an extremely difficult experience, there was a lot of adversity, there was a lot of challenge, I had to travel there alone, I went through everything alone, and it was my first time being abroad, so overall it was extremely challenging and extremely rewarding, and when I won it felt really good to bring everything full circle because when I started powerlifting, it was so that I could be a world champion, and so when I finally did it, it felt really good to achieve that goal and prove to myself that I was capable of doing what I had set out to do.”

The world championship should be packed with fans, filled with loud music, and very hyped up, but for the 2021 World Classic Powerlifting Championship, that was not the case. When talking about the atmosphere of the world championship, Adin said, “The way that World’s was structured was extremely different from how most powerlifting competitions feel. It was very regal, formal, and professional, so it was really boring. There was no loud music, no crowd, and it went by really felt kind of bland and not as enjoyable, which is really weird, because you would think that the world stage would be the was definitely not as enjoyable as I thought it was going to be, but it is what it is...the atmosphere was very quiet, very docile, and very boring.” Due to its international location, most fans did not fly out to cheer on the athletes, so even at the most important event, the experience was subpar.

Even if the atmosphere was dull, winning was not. After winning first place in bench press and squat, while also setting a new world record, Adin was very pleased. When talking about the championship and the feel of winning, Adin responded, “It feels really good, my perspective is that we are never done, there is always another level to rise to, and now more than ever, I feel like I need to work even harder to level up and to become stronger to influence and inspire more people, but I felt really proud to bring things full circle. I was not satisfied, but I was proud to accomplish what I had initially set out to do, and of course, that was always the goal, it was always about inspiring other people to push themselves to become better every day.” Adin is always looking for ways to improve, even after accomplishing such a huge feat. He is a truly inspirational athlete and a perfect role model for people who want to achieve greatness.

After becoming a successful and accomplished powerlifter, Gavin Adin wanted to share how anyone can be successful and chase their dreams. Adin said, “Be driven, be ambitious, dream super big, don’t ever limit your imagination, and once you have that, don’t be afraid to work towards it, be extremely consistent, and be disciplined, and put in that work every single day...and always be willing to help and lead others in your space because after a while, you become better...the goal is to pass on what you have learned and never be afraid to support and lead other people during your journey of chasing your dreams.” Be proud of progress but do not be satisfied. There is always room for improvement and space to grow. By staying consistent and vigilant, Adin was able to do what he set his mind to.

Gavin Adin already has a very impressive legacy, but there is still more to be done. When talking about his next steps in life, Adin said, “I am looking to compete again at the next world championship, I am looking to build and expand my business and social media, and I have other smaller projects I am working on that I hope will help innovate and make a positive impact on the fitness industry...and doing more events, meeting more people, helping more people, and setting more records, trying to create that legacy.” Gavin Adin wants to leave his mark on the world through fitness.

When asked if is there was anything more he wanted the reader to know, Adin responded, “Abraham Lincoln once said that ‘.The best way to predict the future is to create it.’ life does not come at you, it comes from you, and through God anything is possible.”