Sophia Kim: EC Fashion Icon

Sophia Kim is well known in the sophomore community for being a huge inspiration for style, and many people admire her fashionable outfit choices. Sophia was interviewed on this very topic, and offers the inside scoop on her fashion secrets; “Figure out what you look good in. Looking for inspo and following the trend can help, but make sure you do what you want. If you don't like how you look and feel confident in something, then you shouldn't wear it.”

As you can see below in a lookbook of Sophia’s iconic outfits, she knows a thing or two about fashion. She reports that her go-to outfit is definitely baggy jeans and white sneakers, because you can style either one with just about anything. “Anything you can style in many different ways is a good thing to have.” Her go-to store has always been Zara, and she also revealed that she doesn’t like to limit herself to one “aesthetic.” “I like to style myself according to my mood. If I'm feeling happy and light then that will show, or confident and dark, then I might wear leather and darker tones. It depends completely on how I feel that day.”

Sophia thinks very highly of turtle necks becoming a trend during these colder months, and also is totally behind the comeback being made by low rise and flare jeans. “They were hated on for so long, and I’m glad that they’re resurfacing now.” On the other hand, she is not a big fan of chunky Fila sneakers, which she never found cute. “People only buy them because it’s a trend.”

Sophia says that she definitely wants to be “the stylish mom” in the future, but would never go into a job in the fashion industry. “What if I go into it, and then I hate my job, and I'd end up hating fashion… I want to keep it as something I love, so it's better as a hobby.” Sophia recommends that aspiring fashionistas or people who simply want to step up their outfit game should remain true to themselves no matter what. “If you don't feel confident, it's not meant for you. Don't let the clothes define you but let the clothes reflect you.”

Sophia, who humbly does not consider herself a fashion icon, remains a role model for many other students at Eastern Christian. She closes, “The day gets better when my outfit is better, simple as that.”