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Surviving the Pandemic

In late March, recent EC alum Kristin Cruz began to notice that she wasn’t feeling well. Kristin made the smart choice and stayed home from her job and recalls when she first knew something wasn’t right, “My first symptoms were being very lightheaded, having chills and a low grade fever. I remember feeling extremely dehydrated and being able to drink so much water and still feeling dehydrated.” Kristin works at an “urgent care so I’m guessing that I was in contact with a patient who didn’t know that they had it.” Kristin went to a drive up test center near her home in Rockland, NY and was shocked when the results came back about four days later. “I was extremely surprised when I got a positive test result. I had only gotten the test to rule out coronavirus so that I could go back to work. I thought it was just a bad cold and was expecting that if I actually had the corona virus that the symptoms would be way more severe. I was actually feeling better when I got the positive result. I was extremely shocked and had no idea what to do,” she said.

After Kristin’s diagnosis she began the two-week self isolation period. “I had to stay in my room and basically only left my room to go to the bathroom or to get fresh air in my backyard. I did not take any medication because ibuprofen is said to make it worse. I basically just waited it out and had my mom make me my food so that I would not have to go downstairs,” she recalls. After her diagnosis, Kristin made a post on Instagram to share her experience with the virus so far in which she also shared the common misconception that all corona cases end up in the person being hospitalized. Kristin also touched on the fact that during her two-week self isolation, her symptoms changed: “I thought the virus would be much worse. I had chills, a low fever, aches, lightheadedness and that was all within the first couple of days. After that I dealt with shortness of breath, chest pressure and a cough. The virus made it hard for me to breath as I have asthma.” Just two weeks after Kristin’s original diagnosis she shared the happy news on Instagram that she fully recovered and how blessed she was. Since her recovery, Kristin plans on donating plasma.

When asked what she would like to share with people to help them prevent the spread of the virus, Kristin said, “I would say that everyone should wear a mask especially in public, not only for your own safety but so that you do not spread it to other people. Some people are asymptomatic, meaning that they might not know they are carrying the virus which could be very dangerous. And, of course, wash your hands and use hand sanitizer. Refrain from seeing anyone who isn’t in your immediate family.”


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