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Sydney Duga: Embracing Herself and Others

Senior Sydney Duga is planning to pursue Biology Pre - Med at Monmouth University. “I chose this major because my dream job is becoming a physician's assistant and working in pediatrics. I love studying science, life, anatomy, and most importantly being able to use my studies to help others,” she said.

For Sydney, EC has made a big impact in her life. “Eastern Christian has shaped me into an all-around better person. In the past, I was very shy, quiet, and I overthought every step I took. Throughout the past four years, I have met my closest friends and the greatest teachers who allowed me to come out of my shell and helped me have a completely different perspective on life,” she said. Sydney also touches on the fact that, “Throughout the past four years, my faith has grown immensely. I have strengthened my relationship with God and have opened my eyes and heart to new possibilities. Coming into Eastern Christian as a freshman was very scary for me. I knew little about having a true relationship with Jesus and was fearful of not fitting in because of that. My teachers and friends really helped me find God in ways that have completely changed my life and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.”

Over the past four years Sydney’s faith has not only grown but she has also been able to make wonderful memories. “My favorite memories during EC probably would be going to the community nights during the boy’s basketball season. I loved it when the Eastern Christian community all came together to support the team and I also loved being able to have unforgettable nights with my best friends. We would always cheer on the boys and then go to the Park Wayne Diner and make the funniest memories together afterward. It is something that I really am going to miss most in the future,” she said.

Sydney is also extremely thankful for her, “Best friends and all of the wonderful memories that we have made throughout the years. I am also thankful to Eastern Christian for helping me achieve success by giving me the tools which have helped build my confidence and will be my strength in my academic years to come. Choosing Eastern Christian as my high school was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.”

The top thing that Sydney has learned from her experience at EC is that, “There are always obstacles to overcome but with faith, hard work, and the right support system you will come to realize that these struggles aren’t as impossible as they once seemed.”

“There are always obstacles to overcome but with faith, hard work, and the right support system you will come to realize that these struggles aren’t as impossible as they once seemed.”

Through high school, Sydney has realized that is it important to be who you are. “I would have to say the most profound change that I see in myself today compared to freshman year is my comfortability with my flaws and my goofy nature. In the past, I was always inclined to hide my silly energy, while today just see it as part of who I am. At Eastern Christian, I have met people who have helped bring out the best in me. These people have become my best friends and will be my friends for life,”she said. Sydney also touched on the passion that she has about caring for others and how, “I always strive to put those I love before myself. Something that is very important to me is to take notice and remember the little things that other people like. For example what their favorite food might be, their hopes for the future, or something that they have wanted for a very long time. Knowing these things show people how truly they are loved and how important they are in my life.”

As senior year comes to a close, Sydney reflects on her legacy saying, “I hope to be remembered at Eastern Christian High School as a person who was extremely empathetic and always aspired to help anyone that she could. I also hope to be remembered as a person who always tried to put a smile on someone’s face and to be there for anyone whenever they needed it. I want my EC legacy to be the girl who always had a smile on her face and thought of others before she thought of herself.”


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