The World’s Hottest Style of Dance!

Sophomore Angela Avolio turns on the music, starting to feel the beat. As she lets her body move to the music she start dancing sharp and hard-hitting moves. She is dancing Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop has become one of the most influential styles of dance over the years. This style of dance is much more different than other styles. It is unique in its own way and contains moves other styles of dance do not have. Some reasons why hip-hop is so liked by people is because there is really no limit. One can freely express themselves with no one to tell them they did it correctly or not. Also hip-hop tends to lift the spirits of people. Whether dancing alone or with other people, one can feel the atmosphere so full with energy and life. This can go for other types of dance as well.

To explain a little backstory about hip-hop in general, it was first introduced in the 70’s. The Black culture and Latinos were working hard everyday and was in need for a way to run away from all the stress and labor. So came the birth of a style of art form as well as a culture: Hip-Hop.

Angela Avolio (2021) pc: Angela Avolio

It started in the South Bronx, but gained popularity rapidly. This is why hip-hop really emphasizes community. When someone or a group of people are dancing, the others don’t just watch them dance, they hype the dancers up and the sense of community can be seen. “I think hip-hop is important because it’s unique from other styles in a sense that its freeing, especially when you nail a routine and also because there’s so many different ways to express yourself when you feel the music,” says Angela. Angela has been dancing since she was 2 years old, starting with ballet, tap and jazz. She started hip-hop at 6 or 7 after seeing the older girls dancing it. She really likes hip-hop because it is hard-hitting and not technical. She feels like there are no boundaries when dancing this style of art. Even if a choreography is given, everyone might interpret it slightly different and make it theirs. One person might focus on the sharpness while another on the smoothness. If there is one important concept to remember about hip-hop , it would be the amount of freeness hip-hop has. Whether it is dancing, rapping or music in general, there is no other type with this amount of the ability to just let yourself groove to the music. “There’s no right or wrong way to do the choreography. It can be whatever you want it to be,” says Angela.