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Transformation of EC Lacrosse

Cheers come from fans in the bleachers as an Eastern Christian lacrosse player knocks the ball from the stick of a Weehawken midfielder. Many players run to get the ball, but an Eastern Christian player picks up the ball, runs to the goal, and shoots hitting the top left corner of the net and securing a rare win for the Eagles lacrosse team.

Lacrosse is a highly exciting contact sport played on a grass or turf field during the Spring season. Ten players are on the field for each team during game time. Positions include midfield, forward/attack, defense, and goalie.

Unfortunately, the Eastern Christian boy’s lacrosse team has had more losing seasons than winning seasons over the last few years. Could new coaches and more experienced players turn it around? The players on the team hope so. This season Eastern Christian lacrosse is getting new coaches and the response from the team is mixed. While it is sad to see the old coach leave, the team is enthusiastic to see what the new coaches can help them accomplish.

When asked about the new coaching staff, Stephen Frank said, “I really liked Coach Wilmot. He helped us grow as a team. He made us a team and I am excited to see how the new coach will help the team grow.” Midfielder Max Miller is also excited about the new coaches stating, “I think that it will bring a fresh outlook for the team and bring new energy into the team.” New energy is what the team needs after back to back disappointing seasons. Could Eastern Christian lacrosse have found a coaching staff that will bring a winning culture to the team? Only time will tell.

The start of the lacrosse season is in March and there is a lot of optimism among the players. Not only did the team get some new players, but as a team, they also have much more experience than last year. When Stephen Frank was asked if he thinks the team will be better this season he replied, “I do. We have been getting better and we have had a lot of improvement from last year to now.” Max Miller also thinks that through hard work the team could get better stating, “I think that if everybody puts in the time and effort the team will improve.” Eastern Christian’s boy’s lacrosse team has the potential to have a winning record this season, and there is a lot for the school and team to be excited about.


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