What life is like as an international student at EC

David Zhang boards a plane by himself, arrives in a brand new country, and moves in with people he just met. He is unsure how long it will be until he will see his family again. David is a 10th grader at Eastern Christian. He lived in China his whole life, before coming to America as an 8th grader in 2019. David has a sister, a mom, and a dad that he has not seen for almost two years. David Zhang is an international student, and these are some of the challenges he faces.

David Zhang misses China, but he has been happy to experience American Culture. There are many differences between Chinese and American culture, David explained. He says, “I think Chinese society is all about the group, while Americans celebrate the individual.”

David believes that it is in some ways difficult to acclimate to American culture, but says that he has had less trouble because he finds it so interesting. While in the states he has been able to continue his hobbies of playing guitar and video games. Although David has been able to blend with American culture, he still faces some difficulty in his everyday life. “I need to speak English and I can't meet my family,” Zhang responded when asked about the biggest challenges he faces as an international student.

There are however, a lot of benefits that David can partake in. David said that the best part about being an international student is that, “I can receive different education and understand different cultures.” David has had a great experience at Eastern Christian so far and being at this school has helped him very much. David has been able to play tennis and bowling for EC, and he has been a part of the bowling team. David is very happy to have a great school community and to have good friends in school.