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When You're Stuck at Home

With the recent spread of Coronavirus in the United States, most daily activities like travel, school, hanging out with friends, and sports have been shut down. This is leaving many people very bored because they cannot do the activities that they enjoy.

Although everybody is in the unfamiliar situation of being isolated, that does not mean there is nothing fun to do.

Eastern Christian alumni Richard Klas suggests that people “Go outside for a walk or run.” Assuming it is safe and people keep a safe amount of distance between each other. Young Life College leader Matt Sullivan Suggests that people watch a TV show they enjoy. With all that is going on, people may start to miss parts of life they did not appreciate before. For both Richard and Matt, they miss being able to gather with friends face to face and have fun. Anyone who has a computer can still meet face to face but in a different way, Matt suggests that people video call for social interaction. This is a tough time for everyone but there are still ways to have fun.

“Go outside for a walk or run.”

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