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With the new year comes a new Humanities program and this is what's new

Natalie Vincenti taking notes in World History Honors 2

This year has brought many changes at the high school, one of them is the change in the Humanities program from one integrated course to two separate honors classes.

This year, students have the option to take honors English or honors history, but if you take both, you are a part of the Humanities program. With the opportunity to take just one, it opens the program up to more students, which many people like. Many like this because some people aren’t good at both English and history, but instead, one over the other.

Then in an interview with sophomore Natalie Vincenti, when asked about more students being able to join, she said, “I think it is really good that now people who won’t be able to reach the levels of honors in one subject can still take the other subject and they can still be challenged where they need to be challenged.”

When talking with Ms Roniet about the change she said this, “I think the changes, they offer some freedom to at least be able to explore areas in which I would like and dedicate more time to areas I always wanted to.” This will give students a better understanding of time periods that in the past with Humanities they weren’t able to go in depth with.

Although with the classes separated they may not seem quite like the old Humanities program but just like honors classes as it is no longer a cohesive program. As with the old program you would learn many different ways of remembering different time periods all together when studying different pieces. But this year students are more easily able to remember what they were talking about in the class the last time they had it.

As a junior, Michelle Vriesma says, “It’s definitely changed my thinking because I only have to think about the history and what was said in the texts and primary sources. Whereas before you would have to think about both subjects.”

When asked about the change and its benefits for the Humanities program, Ms. Roniet said this, “I think we are going to see more students be willing to take more honors classes and it's going to push students to push themselves to do more.”


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