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Yejin Park: Using Her Blessings

A renowned artist and writer within the community, with state recognition in both the art and literature fields, as well as an avid participant in the Eastern Christian musicals, Yejin Park has undoubtedly exceeded expectations for even herself and her tenure at EC and is a model for any student looking to achieve success at the school. Coming to the United States when she was 12 years old on a scholarship to study in the states, she says she has, “been blessed with an amazing, God-given host family that took me in as their own daughter.” In the six years she has been in the U.S, she has not let those blessings go to waste.

As stated before, Yejin’s academic accomplishments are impressive. Her artwork has received multiple awards at EC’s art shows and is a continued passion of hers. Her literature pieces have received praise from the entire English department, and one of her papers from her junior year, “From the Ashes of War to the Movement of Love,” about Korean War orphans, made it to the state finals of the National History Day Writing Competition. Despite her tremendous success in these two fields, Yejin still has exceptional accomplishments in her other subjects. She has been enrolled in project acceleration/honors courses in math, science, history and art, and has received extremely high marks in all of them. These marks are so high, in fact, she has been named salutatorian of the Class of 2020.

Outside of academics, Yejin has been a four-year member of the drama program. There, she says she has “gained confidence and time management skills.” She is also grateful for the strong friendships she has made, as well as the opportunity to be pushed out of her comfort zone, she adds. The drama program, her academic pursuits, and the relationships she has made have all played a profound role in her life. She adds this piece of advice to fellow classmates: of what we have achieved and have faith in how far we can go, and if we can beat the coronavirus, nothing can stop us.”


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