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‘80s and ‘90s fashion has come back to the EC hallways

Jenny Qiu (2021)

As students and faculty walk through the hallways of Eastern Christian High School they may observe that 80s and 90s fashion like baggier jeans and oversized t-shirts have populated teenage girls' wardrobe.

This fashion has become apparent at EC since it has become a trend for so many students in all grades. This fashion style became noticeable in the last couple of years. Young girls may have adapted this kind of style because it’s stylish, comfortable and modest. The popularity began from girls seeing these trends through social media or their friends.

Elle Rishko, a senior at EC, felt inspired by social media and began to dress in baggy, colorful clothes during the shutdown from the COVID-19 pandemic in March of 2020. Specifically, she enjoys wearing the 80’s and 90’s style jeans because they are high-waisted and baggy.

“I love both dad and flare jeans the best because they are flattering on everybody,” says Rishko.

She feels this kind of fashion would be best described as comfortable when compared to skinny jeans. However, she strongly feels that the school dress code prevents girls from dressing like this because some styles include ripped jeans and cropped tees.

Rishko is uncertain if this style is a temporary trend or not. Meanwhile, she does believe that the broad fashion items will stay; an example would be baggy jeans. She thinks that more specific trends like claw clips will eventually not be as trendy.

Another senior at EC, Jenny Qiu, has dressed like this since the beginning of high school and wears this kind of fashion simply because she likes the style. She enjoys dressing in oversized shirts and chunky shoes because she loves how they look.

“People tend to burn out one trend too much once everyone starts wearing it. Most of the time, people want to stand out and be unique; so if everyone else wants to wear the same thing the trend will die,” explains Qiu’s feeling about if this trend will continue.

She thinks this style is creative, comfortable and fashionable. She does feel that the dress code restricts girls to express themselves through fashion. Girls shop depending on the dress code rather than their own style, which may be 80s and 90s fashion.

“Not everyone follows the trend, everyone puts their own spin to it,” Qiu states.

A third senior at EC, Allison Borduin, enjoys wearing this kind of fashion, especially babydoll dresses and mom jeans. These are her favorites because she feels they are the most flattering. She has worn this kind of fashion since her sophomore year in high school.

“I think dressing like this is very stylish and I don’t think it's too provocative. It's modest so everyone can wear it,” says Borduin.

She feels that this style is not just a trend even though fashion circulates because she has worn this style for years.

“Dressing like this somewhat makes me feel more confident and stylish,” Borduin adds.

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