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Alexis Schoener: Smiling Through It All

Alexis Schoener has learned many things from her time at EC. From growing in her faith to strengthening academics, EC has taught her many things. Through her time at EC, she has made herself and her family proud, and has encouraged many students through her positive attitude and bright smile. “I want to be remembered as the girl that always had a smile on her face and would turn a negative into a positive.”

Alexis’ time at EC has taught her many good life qualities. She shares that, “The top thing I have learned is definitely to be myself no matter what and don't listen to what anyone else thinks of you because God loves you and that's all that matters.” She also tells that EC has shaped many things in her life.

“EC has shaped me to not be ashamed of who I am and was able to teach me how to continue my faith for the rest of my life.”

EC has impacted her during her time here. She specifically shares that one teacher has made a great impact On her life. “Someone that made a positive impact on me is definitely Ms. Van Ryn. I have been able to build a relationship with her outside of EC because of Young Life and she cares so much about her students and would do anything for them.”

Alexis has experienced many things through her time at EC, whether that be inside the classroom or out, she will never forget her experiences here. Through those experiences Alexis has come to be able to do great things and make herself proud through her accomplishments. “One of the things I am proud of accomplishing during my high school career would probably be how hard I try in classes and the motivation I have. I am not necessarily the smartest person in my class but I have developed an amazing work ethic and because of that I got into my dream college.”


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