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Daniel Bautista: Hitting his Dreams Out the Park

Garnering respect from everyone, senior Daniel Bautista, better known as Dani, possesses athletic capabilities that have set him apart from most. Despite his ability to excel at every sport he participates in, his lifelong love for baseball will be the passion he will follow after high school, but as this school year closes, he reminisces on how thankful he is of the people and relationships he’s developed at Eastern Christian (EC), and how EC has strengthened his faith in Christ and helped him find his identity.

When thinking back to the multiple extracurricular activities, Dani remembers the Senior Picnic being his “favorite event.” However, this wasn’t because of the athleticism involved in the event, but more so because of the relationships he developed on that day. When he spoke more about the relationship aspect of that day, he remarked, “I felt the strong bond and relationships of our school and community. It was also the most fun day by far.”

Following that same note of relationships and a supportive community, Dani expressed, “I am most thankful for the amount of support that I've received from everybody at EC and the relationships I have made throughout my time at EC.” Dani also credits EC for helping him find his identity, saying, “EC shaped me in ways I could never imagine, I feel like I’ve found myself throughout my time at EC and I appreciate that so much.”

After his four years at the high school, Dani is also thankful that EC developed him mentally and spiritually. He believes that he’s matured throughout his journey at EC as he said, “I think I’ve just matured every year. I genuinely think I got wiser after each year.” When looking back at one of the most important things he’s learned while he’s been at the high school, he emphasized that understanding another person’s perspective is important. “The top thing that I have learned is that you can learn anything from any situation as long as you look at a situation from different perspectives.”

As Dani moves on to the next chapter in his life, he plans to become a professional baseball player, stating, “After high school, I will be taking a gap year to pursue my dream and passion in playing baseball at a professional level.” Over the 2018-2019 Spring Baseball Season, Dani was the only player from EC to win first-team all-league honors in a league where EC competed against future MLB draft prospects, so his dream is far from being far fetched.


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