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Danny Bautista: A Legacy Beyond Sports

From a high school prospect to now a chance to play in the major leagues.

Danny Bautista has left a legacy not only as an athlete but as an open and loving individual.

Danny started attending Eastern Christian High School when he was 14. Though he was a new student to the community, he remembers feeling like he has been a part of EC his whole life since everyone was so welcoming and comforting. Settling in at a new school was easy for him.

The people Danny has the most memories with are with the teachers. He had developed great relationships with the faculty members.

“The teachers really took their time to make sure the students understood whatever they were teaching and it’s something that I really admired about [EC]”.

The creative aspect of Danny was able to expand with his experience at EC.

“The thing I appreciate the most about EC education is the ability to be creative and being able to learn at a pace that suits you.”

Sports have been a huge part of Danny’s legacy at EC from baseball to basketball. Since graduating, he has been training for baseball and now he has a chance to play professionally. He will be playing in the California Winter League to showcase his talents to independent league teams and MLB clubs as well.

Along with his outstanding success in sports, Danny’s love for people and especially God has grown as well. He was a sociable and open person no matter who a person was. He loved others as how God would love them..


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