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Dawn Wang: Say yes to the opportunities that come along in your way

Dawn Wang, an Eastern Christian alumna, graduated in 2011. She is well-known for attending Princeton University. She also works as a software engineer at Meta, formerly known as Facebook. She adapts to her changing life plan, yet she never loses sight of her zest for life.

Dawn was born in Taiwan, and moved to America when she was nine years old. She desired to live close to New York City in order to further her musical studies. Her ambition when she moved to the United States was to become a violist. She enrolled in the Juilliard school’s Pre-College program, which she attended on Saturdays to study violin in order to fulfill her ambition. As a result, her family frequently spends the entire Saturday in the city. When she was at EC, she found that the violin and music had become more of a hobby for her. She did not believe that the daily musical competition and performance were what she desired for the future. Furthermore, she decided not to become a professional musician by the time she graduated EC and ended up pursuing mechanical engineering in college.

Her current work at Facebook is building an advertising platform, which allows users to advertise their business on places such as the News Feed and Instagram. She said, "I got into it because my first job in the city was as a software engineer. And it was true that I was in desperate need of work. I wanted to live in the city. This is something I was thinking about, and I grew more interested. As a result, I felt this was a great idea. " She is delighted to be able to work as a software engineer.

Dawn is in the Chelsea Symphony

Even though she stopped playing the violin professionally, she hasn't forgotten about it. She thinks music is both intriguing and has a nice work-life balance. She also became a violinist with the Chelsea Symphony in New York City. She is performing for charity with a large group of professional musicians. As she stated, she learned that the violin was not her only career option as she had previously thought. She enjoys playing in front of her friends and parents as a way to unwind after a long day at work.

She responded to the question of suggestions for the EC students with, "I know I have some friends who are like, they want something and they do everything they can to get it. Personally, I’m not like that. It's hard for me to figure out what I really like, or how much I really, really want something. I try to keep my eyes open for opportunities or signs that things should change, and for me, that's always worked out."

For herself, it always works out in the end when she just says yes to interesting opportunities that come her way. Of course there were some failures along the way and times when things didn’t work out the way she thought. She's not sure if it's because she's extremely fortunate or because she believes everything happens for a reason. And she enjoys it because she goes with the flow. She believes that everyone can see interesting and positive things that always work out in the end. However, I believe that because she is willing to try new things, she will be able to figure out what she truly desires.

Dawn has no idea what the future holds, but she is enjoying the challenge and continues to make new friends and learn new things every day.

As a result, EC students, if you haven't thought about what you want to do with your life or what you want to do with it, stick to change by trying to say yes to the opportunities that come your way.


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