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Ditto Had its Most Profitable Day in Sales After Three Months of Shutdown

It is easy to tell why it was disappointing to see ditto close for quarantine on March 14. No one had anticipated how long it would take for them to open back up.

Tim Maggiore, the store manager at ditto, made this statement, “Our original intention was to be closed for one or two weeks only, not realizing at the time the severity of the coronavirus and ensuing pandemic.”

In reality, the retail store was closed for three months. When it finally did open on June 16, it was as if the floodgates opened. There was a huge crowd.

“...we had never seen anything like this before.” Mr. Maggiore stated, “The amazing thing was that everyone abided by the guidelines and no one complained about the wait.”

Ditto is a thrift and retail store located in North Haledon, New Jersey, and when they reopened in June after quarantine they experienced their most profitable day ever in sales.

In the ten years that this store has been opened, ditto has not deterred much from its original goals and values. They are also a huge contributor to Eastern Christian, and they have donated $1.7 million to the school over the course of their ministry.

The store was founded on Christian beliefs, and they take great pride in their work. The proof of this is clear in the atmosphere that has been created in the store.

Everyone who enters can appreciate the environment and the care that they have taken to accommodate everyone. They even have a Senior Day, during which everything in the store is 10% off for their customers over 62. It is like one big family, and their love of God is explicitly clear.

“We start every day with a prayer and I always ask that people are able to identify ditto as a place where God is known and that we may be used to glorify His Kingdom,” Mr. Maggiore commented.

No one seemed to mind the additions to the store in order to meet social distancing guidelines or the longer lines, they were just happy to get back to Ditto. What’s more, they more than made up for the three months that the store was closed.

When asked about this Mr. Maggiore revealed, “That first day back was by far the most profitable day at Ditto.” The community certainly came together to help them out.

Today things are still moving towards normalcy at Ditto, with only one exception.

During quarantine people needed something to do, and a lot of them cleaned out their closets and now all of the donations are flooding into the store. They are receiving more than they can process, and they have no idea when it will get back to normal. They are also having to turn away some of the donations because they do not come up to the donation standards.

“We are doing about 85% of the sales we did before the pandemic but we are not worried since we put our faith in God and He will bless the ministry accordingly.”

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