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EC Bowling Team Preps for Exciting Season

In a time filled with uncertainty the EC bowling team is looking to continue their hot streak. Last year the bowling team was a frequent topic of conversation around the halls of Eastern Christian High school. Led by captain Daniel Buckles and Coach Goldstien, the team has been getting ready for this exciting 2020-2021 season. Parkway lanes have been scheduled to host two matches against Patterson Charter School for Science and Technology. Senior Captain Daniel Buckles is excited for this season amidst the uncertainty. Daniel has been bowling since sophomore year and has grown to love the sport and the environment around the team. Daniel said the positive environment around the team is due to “constant encouragement and positive attitudes across the board.” Many sports this year have received edits to their schedule or cancellations. For example volleyball was moved to the second winter season. Bowlers did not let the closings of bowling alleys stop them. Daniel told me “A big part of bowling is form. For example how you walk up and the arrow on the lane you are aiming for. A lot of it was practicing form without my ball or a lane.” The practice that was put in at home will definitely be a good way to build on last year's success. Senior Daniel Buckles credits his coach for the majority of their team's accomplishments. ”I think that part of the reason is our Coach Mr. Goldstein. He is very knowledgeable and knows how to coach. Secondly the atmosphere plays a big part.We each strive and help each other be the best player they can be both on and off the lane.” This year not only will their season look different but their team will as well. Several former players have graduated. Senior Daniel Buckles still expects tremendous success staying “We did lose a few good players but more players with a lot of potential are returning and joining. This season I am expecting big things. I think there is a possibility we can win counties and go far in states.”


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