EC Wrestling Team

Eastern Christian High School has started a new sports team: a wrestling team!

When asked why they thought they should join the team, Austin Vander Pyl, Jaden Ritsma, and Matthew Onove said that it would be a fun experience.

Since wrestling is such a new sport for EC, not all of the team members might have the same amount of experience. “I wrestled with my older cousins three years ago one time,” says Austin. “I wrestled Austin once,” says Jaden. Matt Onove says, “I wrestled my brother once and lost terribly. “Never wrestle anyone that's triple your weight.”

The new team consists of eight members. There is also a brand new coach. The practices will be held at Tumble Techs Gym in Fairfield.

A lot of the members are really happy that the school finally has the opportunity for a team. “It’s our drive and it's our power. We’re going to put in the work and the hours to take what’s ours,” Austin Vander Pyl said. “I’m excited to have the team because some people around the school want to do it and think that it is cool.”

The new team will be pretty different from the other EC sports teams, though. “We started the season too late so we won't have any matches this year,” says Austin. “And it's a new thing, so there aren’t a lot of experienced players,” says Jaden.

“I’m really excited for wrestling because I can put in the work and the hours,” adds Austin Vander Pyl.