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Helping others: Isabel Dennis’ Senior Portfolio

A volunteer walked into the church ready to help. Once a few more of the volunteers got there they began the work. They stood at the table and sorted through the food, putting them in the correct spots. They were working with the other volunteers smoothly. The volunteers made sure everything was where it needed to be. Then they packed them into boxes so that they could be brought to Star of Hope ministries.

The seniors have always needed to complete a project in order to graduate. This year, it has changed to the Senior Portfolio, where seniors have more options of what they can complete for this requirement. They originally needed to write about their worldview. Now, they can still write a paper but they can also write a song, a poem, do a service project, write a short story, or draw something. This gives seniors the option to better express themselves and show how they have grown through their years at Eastern Christian.

Isabel's service project (2021), pc: Matthew Soder

This project gives the opportunity to seniors to better express themselves about their worldview, and how they have changed after four years. It gives them a chance to show others as well as themselves how they have grown. The more options also will help show the change to their worldview after their high school years.

In past years, the Senior Portfolio part was connected to students' worldview. A student would write about their worldview in freshman year if they were at our school. Then when they were a senior, they would write about their worldview again and it would show the growth and change of the student. They also would need to do an oral presentation to their peers about their worldview and how it has changed.

Isabel Dennis, a current Eastern Christian High School senior, chose to do her Senior Portfolio as a service project. She decided to do a food and clothing drive at her church. She is donating everything to Lighthouse Pregnancy Center and Star of Hope ministries.

She chose this project because she felt that this best described her four years of high school. Isabel enjoys helping others in the community,“I personally enjoy helping people and I felt most relatable to this project and I think it best described my past high school experience.”


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