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Honoring Dr. Yoder

For Dr. Elizabeth Yoder, much time and dedication has gone into the development of the Eastern Christian music program, specifically the concert choir and honors choir that she headed. 

Dr. Yoder looks fondly back on her time teaching honors choir, remarking “the growth and pride that came for students in those moments were part of the gold in my job.”

While only being here for a shorter period of time in comparison to her other music department colleagues, her accomplishments with her programs would lead one to think she had been there for much longer. 

In  Dr. Yoder’s teaching a big part of choir was a spiritual connection with God. She relays that “it's no coincidence that we are commanded to sing in the bible close to 50 times.  God cares for us through the act of singing - it's a connection to Him in worship, a way for us to use another sense - hearing the words and harmonies we are singing and not just thinking the text, and it's healthful for our bodies in a number of ways.  

In addition to her care for including the gospel in her teaching, Dr. Yoder put an emphasis on building relationships with her students, and between her students, 

Every time a student supported another student, I was proud.  This happened often because, as we sing together, we become a family,” says Dr. Yoder.

She expresses how pleased she is with her program, mentioning some of her proudest moments in recent years. She recounts one of her proudest moments saying, “As soon as we started to sing, we heard a few people gasp at how tight the harmonies were and how well we blended.  We won a Superior rating that year and the judges were very impressed - I was so proud of Honors Choir”.

Despite her no longer teaching at Eastern Christian, Dr. Yoder still remains hopeful for the future of the music program, disclosing that she is “sad to hear that there is no music at EC this year, but I know that the Lord will rebuild the program with His loving and capable hands.  I cannot wait to hear the music that comes when He does.”


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