• SeoJun Lee

Local Churches Adapt to COVID-19 Pt. 2

Since the major spread of COVID-19 in March of 2020, churches were forced to adapt to new ways.

About 10 months later, churches have adapted to the new normal in the pandemic.

Though physical services have returned to a certain capacity, the restrictions and protocols are still prominent. The amount of people allowed are limited and social distancing is in full practice. Unfortunately, this does not apply for every church as some still do not have physical services.

Restrictions such as masks, socially distancing, and the number of people have not changed. However, small meetings in person are allowed, being not as strict as before.

One drastic change that had to be made was for the annual winter retreat. For Pastor Mike’s church, the retreat had to go fully digital. Though the numbers are not set, the passion and goal does not falter.

Through these difficult times, Pastor Jones and Pastor Mike prays that believers will continue to trust in the Lord and be reminded of His goodness. God has provided in many different ways such as tithes and offering and His hope is being fulfilled.

“Instead of focusing on the storm, we need to focus on God, who walks with us. Trials and tribulations are a part of the journey of life, but we are assured in the Word of God that He is with us.” -Pastor Jones


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