Luke Anema: EC sophomore and Blue Moon’s youngest employee

By Daniel Lim

As he held the plate in his hand, eager to deliver a meal to his customer, Luke brought the food to the customers table. However, to his surprise the plate was burning hot, but determined to do his job, he sacrificed his arm to satisfy the customer. It wasn’t until he returned to the kitchen that he realized he had suffered a severe burn on his forearm. Clearly serving is not for the weak.

Luke Anema, a 15 year old sophomore from EC, has spent the last few months working at Blue Moon Cafe. Blue Moon is a chain of restaurants located all around New Jersey. Luke has been working for about 4 months spending around 20 hours a week there. Despite spending numerous hours there as a food runner, Luke is still able to maintain good grades in hopes to open up options for his future career.

Luke described this new experience of being a restaurant employee by saying, “I enjoy being a social worker because I get to talk to a lot of the guests. But it also can be annoying because some guests are very particular.”

This being his first job, Luke has been able to gain much experience from working at Blue Moon. In a recent interview he stated, “I can see how other workers act in a restaurant and how they handle certain situations.”

Luke also sees this job as a gateway into future careers. He stated, “I can see myself becoming a waiter in the future if I was interested. I think working at a restaurant can be a good short term option to make money for college.” In the past two years, the average college tuition in New Jersey is about 17,000 dollars.

Working at Blue Moon has been a very enriching experience for him. It is quite impressive how he is able to work a job and still stay up to date with his school work.

“All things considered I think that working at blue moon is great to help me gain experience and possibly make opportunities for careers.”