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New Eastern Christian volleyball varsity coach

No sleep, no time to rest, and a go go go mindset fills many students' lives. The locker room overflows with different athletes. After school the rush of changing out of school clothing into spandex, tee shirts, and knee pads. Volleyball players find themselves warming up their bodies with different passes and drills like hitting lines, serve receive, and peppering back and forth. Though the stress of school becomes overwhelming, volleyball takes over their mindset and breaks them free from their cage of anxiety.

Nicole D’Augustine-Delaura says, “Find something you love. Whether it’s a sport or a club or something like that. Really have an outlet that relieves you from the stresses and anxieties of life.”

Coach Nicole is the schools first new varsity volleyball coach in 7 years. She has been playing volleyball since she was a freshman in Waldwick high school.

Her career continued into college as she played for Kean University for her freshman year. Coach Nicole's signature position was playing outside hitter. During the interview Coach Nicole went on to say, “When I played in College I volunteered as a coach at Waldwick. I always wanted to be a high school coach.”

During August of 2021, Nicole D’Augustine-Delaura got a text message from one of our own varsity volleyball players' mom, Sue Vanderpyl, saying that Eastern Christian High school volleyball varsity needed a coach. Nicole jumped on that opportunity creating a new part of her daily life.

Coach Nicole had already been a club volleyball coach for a few years. Nicole works hard to be a better coach by building relationships with her players, staying in shape, and studying different volleyball plays to try out. Nicole says, “This season I hope to accomplish a winning record.” Hopes are high for this season and Nicole is excited.

A plus about our Eastern Christian team that Nicole says, “You guys are athletic and have the will to learn. You guys have a positive attitude as well. There’s no ego on your team.”

Every day players of the EC volleyball team gather in the high school gym and learn something new from Coach Nicole. Things are different this year and with a new season ahead many have high hopes for a nice season.

Although volleyball is a major part of Coach Nicole’s life it isn’t everything. Coach Nicole’s life consists of military charity, volunteer work at food drives, Starbucks runs, and caring for her two children.

I asked what makes Nicole love coaching so much, “The players. I feel like I have a lot of personal relationships with my players.”

“I like being that outlet when school is hard but on the court seeing my players use it as an outlet.”


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