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Serving up a cure

As the volleyball soared over the net, the girl's varsity volleyball team was getting ready to get the next point. Around the gym were all of the pink decorations and the roaring crowd. The game was getting increasingly competitive and more calls were getting made. The tight score kept the crowd on the edge of their seats.

The Dig Pink Volleyball Tournament took place to help our volleyball community fundraise for breast cancer awareness.

The Dig Pink Volleyball Tournament was composed of multiple games, including the soccer teams. The first game was the JV volleyball team against the girl's varsity soccer team. Their first set was to 25 points, and the next set was to 15 points. The next game was the varsity volleyball team versus the boys varsity soccer team. The games were composed of 2 sets that each went to 25 points. The final game was the seniors of the fall sports teams against select faculty. The faculty included our athletic trainer, Ms. Botbyl, our principal, Mr. Cirone, our dean, Mr. Carapezza, and Mrs. Honore, a teacher. Others who made special appearances included the varsity volleyball coach, Nicole D’Augustine, our JV volleyball coach, Mrs. Bailey, and Mrs. Honore’s husband. These two games were also composed of 25 points. There were also raffle tickets, and the winners would be given prizes. All the money raised was donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. A significant part of why the soccer teams were chosen was their notable impact on fall sports. Both of the soccer teams were involved in events such as this, that occurred last year and this year.

This event started due to inspiration from breast cancer awareness events that happened last year, in which the soccer teams were also involved. Although, this year, the volleyball team wanted to have an opportunity to be more involved. Raquel Saharig, a senior, mentioned, “through this event, the volleyball team could be more involved the EC community and it could be a great way to fundraise an event that would be centered around our volleyball program.” The month of October is a time to thoroughly acknowledge all women around the world that suffer from breast cancer. This event allowed the school and volleyball team to help support these women and raise money for them.

After the first games of JV volleyball versing girl's varsity soccer, the girl's volleyball team took the victory. A close game then occurred between varsity volleyball and varsity boy's soccer, but the volleyball team won. During the first set of faculty versus seniors, the seniors managed to take the win. A turn of events happened when the faculty won the second set against the seniors. One of the raffle ticket winners was Kendra Heerema, a sophomore, who won a 20 dollar gift card to Jersey Mikes. In the end, due to this event, we were able to raise about 290 dollars to give to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Raquel Saharig also mentioned, “this fundraiser seems like a great idea to both fundraise for a great cause and unite our community."



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