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The Jonas Brothers went from EC to the big stage

A student walked through the halls and into their classroom to their desk. They passed a boy with curly hair and a pencil in his hand, studying for his next test. They didn’t take much notice of him until they saw him on TV one day long after this day and remembered passing by him at school. This was a reality for many students who passed Kevin Jonas in the hallways of Eastern Christian High School during the years 2003 and 2004.

The Jonas Brothers are originally from New Jersey and Nick, Joe, and Kevin all went to Eastern Christian for part of their education. Kevin is the only one who went to our high school, Joe stopped coming after middle school, and Nick in elementary school.

Kevin Jonas in 9th grade

The Jonas Brothers are known for the band they started in 2005. They broke up in 2013, but got back together in 2019. They were never planning on getting the band back together until they had a long talk while making their documentary about their lives, says Entertainment Weekly. Together as a band, they have sold millions of albums since the beginning of their career. They were in many popular movies and television shows together as well as separately. Recently the Jonas Brothers filmed a show called ‘Jonas Brothers Family Roast’ on Netflix.

Some of the teachers that still work at Eastern Christian today remember them; such as Mr. Henderson who teaches the fifth graders math and science. He taught Kevin and Joe. He never taught Nick, but he met him a few times and said he was nice. Joe and Kevin were typical middle schoolers. He said that Joe was very popular and that he was called JJ then and he wore glasses. He remembers that Joe was doing off-Broadway productions, but he never expected the brothers to become famous.

Another teacher who remembers them, but mostly Joe, is Mrs. Braunius. She remembers him leaving school for different productions and she would get frustrated because she could not understand how that was more important than school. She would often need to prepare work for him to give him when he was practicing for his productions. It was not until a while later that she realized that they were famous. When she did find out, she was quite shocked about their success and she is proud of them. She also realized later why Joe thought this was more important than school. She believes that God planted them at our school for a reason, “I would hope that Joe's foundation and the seeds that were planted in him by his parents and teachers as a young middle schooler would continue to grow and be uniquely different as he influences others.”

Mr. Henderson remembers shopping at a store when he heard the Jonas Brothers’ new song start playing. He was a bit surprised at first and then he realized who they were. The cashier was shocked that he knew them. He was always happy for people from the community being successful. When asked about how he reacted when he saw that they became famous, he said, “I said good for them. Local boys doing well.”


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