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The start up of the 2021-2022 basketball season

The shiny yellow floor, the new Nike shoes, ´skirt, skirt, skirt,´ echoes throughout the gym with music playing in the background as the basketball teams of EC start to practice. Lucas Genuario splashes a three and leaves his hand up in the air as if he were reaching into a cookie jar.

A few changes have been made to the basketball line up since the last season. Many students have been practicing and are excited for the upcoming season. Coach Jon Veenstra is now going to be head varsity coach and Coach Ron Troast is going to be the JV coach.

Lucas Genuario, a sophomore at Eastern Christian High School who played junior varsity and varsity last year as a freshman, is excited to get back on the courts. He has just overcome a slight MCL tear during his soccer season. He said, ¨I am extremely excited, we added a lot of new height to the roster and we are going to be a threat. Come watch the games.¨

Coach Jon Veenstra, a former Eastern Christian Varsity Basketball player and student, is going to be the new head varsity coach. Daniel Lim, a junior varsity starter last year, when asked if he is excited about Coach Jon Veenstra coaching varsity said, ¨Yes, because he is a younger coach and I think we will have a good bond with him.¨

Many players also have a lot of ambitious goals they are hoping to fulfill this season. Lucas Genurario says, ¨I would like to average 20 points per game, I am really going to try to achieve this.¨ Another Sophomore Lukas Faasse said, ¨I would like to score because I did not score last season because I was injured for most of the season.¨

¨I think we are going to have a great season this year. With the new coach and some new players, we are going to have

some good games.¨ - Lukas Faasse


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