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Two students learn to fly

Two Eastern Christian students aim to fly high, pursuing their dreams of becoming commercial jet pilots. Brent Van Harken and Sebastiano Secades plan to become certified pilots in the near future by attending the Century Air Flight School. They plan to obtain their licenses by college or while in college, putting a deadline on the grind. Though the 1,500 hours they must fly in the air in order to be eligible to fly commercial jets seems like a lot, to these students, it sounds like a blast. Sebastiano and Brent have been fascinated by planes since they were very young. Sebastiano remarks that, “Ever since a young age, plane spotting fascinated me; the planes taking off, landing, and watching the large structures transport so many people throughout the world–it is all just amazing.” However, Brent and Sebastiano did not dive into this career on their own.

Brent says that his biggest supporter is his mother, while Sebastiano’s biggest supporters are his father, grandfather, and mother. Sebastiano’s grandparents even helped him gain twelve hours in the air while he visited them in California.

The two are not accomplishing this impressive feat alone. Both claim to have much support from family and friends. Though, much hard work and effort has been put into these career choices by the two students. Sebastiano worked at and now attends the flight school Century Air. His instructor is a man named Pierre who is from Paris and knows a lot about piloting. Pierre has Sebastiano flying a little Cessna 172 plane, the plane that is flown nationwide by students learning how to fly. Brent has also flown in a Cessna, and he loved every second of it.

Both students are avid travelers and have a deep longing to explore the world. Brent has been to thirty out of the fifty states, and has traveled to five different countries. He says, “My favorite airport is Denver because it is known for the underlying conspiracy theory that Bushwazee is under the airport.” He plans on moving to England because the airports are beautiful, and he aims to work for an airline located in an English airport. Sebastiano loves the San Francisco airport because of intersecting runways and the genius behind the blueprints of the airport. Sebastiano also loves that the airport is built on a bay, which is one very unique characteristic of the airport. Although Sebastiano loves California, he sees him-

self in Texas by his relatives.

Sebastiano plans to work out of UAL or Spring Texas so that he can fly out easily. Brent’s dream flight would be LA to Dubai while Sebastiano’s dream flight would be to the Alps. Although Brent is set on piloting, he admits he is interested in Environmental Science as well. He chuckles, “So if I do have my midlife crisis, I will have a minor in Earth Science because I do like to change things up!”



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