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Award winning teacher

Not many teachers can say they have won an Emmy award, but Fernando Garcia has won not one, but five! Mr. Garcia is Eastern Christian’s newest art faculty member and there is nobody with a more interesting background. Starting at just age 19, Mr. Garcia has been well inversed in the world of broadcasting, filming, directing, and producing. He got an opportunity to work for the station, Univision, which specialized in the tri-state area. After working behind the scenes in the station for six months, mainly creating graphics, he got asked to direct and produce.

“When there was breaking news, anything major, everybody went home to be with their families, but me, I had to run to the station, just like policemen run to danger, I run to the station.” He talked about a lot of crazy experiences in the industry but one experience stands out to him in particular. “911 was a major event that I had to direct.” While everyone went home to be with their families, Mr. Garcia had to go direct the news station filming, not knowing where his family was. “I didn’t know where my parents were, nobody knew what was going on, but I knew I had a duty to be there at the station.” As chaos ensued all around him, Mr. Garcia further explained his mindset during this time. “My parents actually had an appointment in the second tower. And my parents always like to be super early to things and about 8:18 is about when the second tower collapsed. And all communication and cell phones were down but I was at work and was able to be picked up by the bus and was taken across the bridge and I had to direct all day, without knowing where my parents were. It was just pain, in awe, and not knowing what was going on.” Thankfully his parents were safe and Mr. Garcia deems this as an experience he would never forget, even in his 17 year career of directing after this event.

Despite the heavy burden that comes with directing and producing, Mr. Garcia explains his biggest accomplishments in the industry. He explains that the Emmys is divided into two parts, New York Emmys and California Emmys. And in these Emmys, the judges are other accomplished film directors and producers. They unanimously judge the nominated films in different categories; promotional pieces that promote talk shows, sports, TV shows, news broadcasts, etc. Being nominated is no small feat as there is a long process to be able to be nominated. You have to have your promotional piece aired and judged by critics and then nominated by those critics. Many people are lucky enough to get nominated once in their lifetime. Mr. Garcia has been nominated 16 times and has won 5 times. “It's a team's work. Even though I was the director and producer and motion graphic designer for all the pieces that I submitted, I always had a team that followed the lead. A camera guy, audio guy, writer, and talent.” Even though Mr. Garcia won as many trophies as there are fingers on your hand, he somehow managed to remain extremely humble about everything.

The question many people have been asking after seeing Mr. Garcia’s ridiculous resume is this. Why teaching? “I can honestly say that as many shows and as many years as you go through the industry, it’s a really hectic environment you get to live in and you get to this point in your career where you wonder, where is this going? And something that’s always been on my bucket list is teaching.” He further explains that he believes there is nothing more fulfilling than teaching. “Seeing a student understand the lesson, and apply it in art and graphic design, it’s like winning an Emmy everytime.” He hopes that every student understands that he is intentional with everything he does. “I'm not gonna be perfect, but every class is about what we can do with our gifts and talents. Can we use them to glorify God, and being at EC allows me to do that, and it makes me the happiest man alive.” He further goes on to say teaching is really the work of God. “As we know God works in mysterious ways and we know his plans are bigger than mine. To be able to teach the students through the gifts and talents God has given me is more gratifying than winning an Emmy.”



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