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Bridgett Boonstra: Hard Work and Perseverance

Upon graduation, Bridgett is planning to attend Felician University and major in nursing. “It has always been my dream to become a nurse, so being accepted into an amazing program is really exciting.”

Bridgett's decision to become a nurse practitioner was inspired by both her mom and her sister. “My mom is a nurse practitioner, and my sister is graduating from nursing school this semester. Their hard work and perseverance have constantly inspired me, and they’ve been able to give me advice on this choice.”

Being a part of the team since freshman year, girls varsity soccer is undeniably Bridgett's favorite extracurricular in EC, with many memories made with friends. “For me, this was an amazing opportunity to meet friends while also doing something I love. Over the years, we've created a ton of memories, learned lessons, and formed friendships that will stay with me throughout my life.

Throughout high school, Bridgett has grown tremendously in her faith whether it was through weekly chapel, Bible classes, or a mission trip to Guatemala. “My faith also grew through friendships and people I could lean onto for support in any hardships I had.


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