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International Leadership's Welcome Party

At the September 24 around 4-6 p.m, there was an event party led by Mrs. Rhyu and the International leadership team. The ILT( International leadership team ) planned the party; they were three teams working on it. The event team plans the decoration and orders food; the Communication team charges the flyers for the party; the Tech team takes pictures during the event.

After the preparation, the party was open. Raffle activity was an activity for students where each student filled out the attached form and submitted it. They needed to talk to three new people they hadn't met before. At the end of the party, Mr.I chose two-three winners who can earn free tickets and lunch to ILT's next event in October.

The most notable aspect of the night was the wide variety of food: Dumplings; Mooncakes; Fried chicken; pizza; Korean kimbap etc. All the participants enjoy the food at the party, and some international students think the home-cooked foods were meaningful to them.

Junior Anne Song said,“ The food was very good. It was nice having home-cooked Chinese food. It’s my first year on campus and having an event like this was very nice and sweet. My favorite food was mooncakes. It was nice to celebrate the mid-autumn festival with fun people and good food.”

After the party, Mr. I randomly picked the ticket from the basket and announced the winner for the raffle activity. They were sophomores Ashley and Ilya. Participants join to play the ball games after they finish the food. However, the limitation of playing allows some people to not join the game.

After the party, some students have different suggestions to give to the party. senior Alicia Ulaikere suggested, “I would just encourage more activities and games so it could last longer.”.

To sum up, as the first event after remote learning, participants enjoy the events; they are excited about the next event that International Leadership is going to do.


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