Senior Spotlights

Due to the coronavirus, the class of 2020 has had to cut their senior year at EC. As a way to showcase their legacy, EC Times will be writing profiles on each and every senior. We celebrate these seniors and the great things they have done in our community. Check back often as this feature will be frequently updated.

In alphabetical order by last name:

Luciano Catizone: The test

(published 4/23)

Amanda Faber: Just one goal

(published 4/23)

Daylyn Fortuna: No more fear

(published 4/23)

Rebecca Hagedoorn: Transformation with and without SFX

(published 4/23)

The following articles are written and posting soon:

Kim Abbas, David DeVries, Allan Mwringi, Chas Phillips, Daniel Bautista, Lizzie Thomas, Elijah Crefeld, Elise Reitsma, Matt Cook, Naomi Engelhard, Hope Urdang, Cassie DeJulia and Josh Lee

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