The Gingerbread House Decoration Competition

"You may start right now," Rachel says. The race kicks off with 17 teams competing. Some members of the team begin to use buttercream to begin a series of decorations on the house, and others begin to mash candy, simulating snow scenes, and sprinkling them on their houses to create small details. The game's atmosphere remains unchanged as time passes.

The poster of competition

The Gingerbread House Decorating Contest was a gingerbread-themed competition. The competition necessitated a great deal of collaboration and innovation. The competition kicked off at Eastern Christian Middle School on December 11 in the afternoon. It was divided into two competitions, the first of which started at 10:00 a.m. and ended at 11:30 a.m. for 17 middle school teams. The other one started between 12:00 and 1:00 p.m. for 7 elementary school teams. Each team needed 4-6 members, and the elementary school insisted on bringing a parent or guardian.

The competition's goal was to help foster children. This is the first time at EC that an open gingerbread house decorating competition has been held. Rachel Post came up with the idea. She claims that this is the first time the National Honor Society has held a competition like this. When the NHS advisors challenged them to think of service opportunities, she came up with the idea. She had previously worked with the organization for Goodness Cakes.

Concerning how to organize the competition, they began by collecting donation tools from supporters. Furthermore, candidates were not required to bring any tools. During the competition, all members were expected to work at the same time. Furthermore, Mr. Intlekofer, the high school principal, and Mr. Lazor, a member of the judging panel, would judge on their creativity, neatness, concept, and attention to detail.

Jackson Livingston is working with his cousin and his brother

The champion was crowned after one and a half hours of fierce competition. Jackson Livingston is the elementary team's participants He had a conversation with his cousin, Katelin DeBlock. They felt so good about winning the competition that they began to think about it for a month.

Team 17 was the middle school team champion. The team was composed of Nora Lazor, Gretchen Vander Pyl, Perci Edmondson, Olivia Magarro, , and Rayne Davis. They used crushed Smarties as snow. In addition, they intended to add a variety of décor in addition to the house. They also made a Christmas tree, and Santa had legs coming out of the chimney that they made out of candy. They thought the leg of Santa was the pinnacle of their existence.


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