The life of Mrs. Lindemulder

Manuela Lindemulder (2021) pc; Isabella Sutton

Picture a small fishing village in the north of Germany where everyone knows everyone and there is great food and beautiful landscapes; this is where young Mrs. Lindemulder grew up.

Mrs. Lindemulder is a beloved teacher at Eastern Christian High School who was born in Germany, went on to travel all over the world, and learned many different languages.

Mrs. Lindemulder was born and raised in Germany until the age of 6 when she then moved to the U.S. She described that the main differences between America and Germany was all about freedom. “I think that for me, the U.S. really allows people to be who they are and to be comfortable, whereas in other places there are certain standards that you can’t breach,” says Lindemulder.

In high school, Mrs. Lindemulder had a broad variety of languages to choose from due to the fact that her high school had a huge language department. She decided to take French because she previously knew German, English, and Spanish. In total she now knows 4 different languages. When asked what her favorite is, she says that it depends on when it’s needed. She says, “my favorite is when it’s needed at the moment. If I’m talking to someone who’s French, then French is my favorite.”

Her younger life in Germany and her time in high school influenced her future hobbies and passions, such as traveling.

When Mrs. Lindemulder grew up, she found her love for traveling, and has been to many places such as Mexico, France, Italy, Germany, Puerto Rico, and many more. She says, “I love traveling, and I think that traveling is the best way to educate yourself because you’ll learn to accept the cultural differences and you grow in many ways.'' She really thinks it’s a key factor for education and suggests it to many. “Travel is the most important way to grow, to meet, and to know. I’m such a richer person because of travel.”

Mrs. Lindemulder currently has a passion for cooking and loves to make cultural dishes that she learned during her travels. She says when the weather is cold, her favorite dish is something called Grüenkohl and Pinkel which is basically a very hearty northern dish that involves kale and smoked meats. She also likes to cook for her students and her dishes are enjoyed by all.

Student Jean Italien says, “She made salsa and it was some of the best I ever had and we ate it with chips. She then showed us how to make it and added a secret ingredient, a green pepper, but it originated in a hispanic country. It was delicious.”


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